Cheryl Telford

abstract artist

"I find the freedom of self-abstraction to transcend the past, and all that is inconsequential.  It is only about the here and now."


Cheryl Telford lives in La Conner.  As an artist for the past 25 years she has been trained by internationally known artists Peggy Zehring and Kaz Tanahashi, in addition to many notable Northwest artists.  Her work has been shown in both New York City and the Pacific Northwest.

She describes the essence of her work is to “create a mark that exhibits life–ambiguous, gestural, startling, and confounding, its intensity evidenced in its juxtaposition with relationships of light and dark, temperate and strident–all elements of my expression.  Through the relationships of color, iridescence, textures, and paints, an image emerges. As I respond to the world around me my images become meditative and explored using Asian brushes, black ink, and rice paper bringing compositional honesty to my work. I respond to the forces around me and. I allow the image to lead me to a place where the markings are clearly my own, my voice, my truth."